Acceptable Use Policy

Arlington Public Schools School Board Policy I-, Acceptable Use Policy, governs the use of technology by students in schools. At Discovery, we use the below-pictured child-language poster to represent the basic principles of the Acceptable Use Policy – often referred to as the “AUP” – with our students.

At the start of each school year, as part of taking ownership of their school and “making their mark” in their school space, students sign their names on small plastic discs in the Promenade hallway. Students do three things when they sign, which is explained to them in developmentally-appropriate language at the time:

  1. Make their personal mark on their school, taking ownership of it and representing that they are an individual, valued, and important part of the Discovery community.
  2. Accepting responsibility for the Eco-Code.
  3. Accepting responsibility for the Acceptable Use Policy.

These posters are displayed on each student laptop cart throughout the building.