Art Team

A photo of Kate Annamreddy
Katherine Annamreddy
Art Teacher


Our art mission at Discovery is to empower students with the ability to understand their visual world, through critical response and critical thinking with every artful problem. Students will study a breadth of artists including art historical, multicultural, contemporary, multi-gendered and with both 2 and 3-dimensional focuses. Students will play, brainstorm, create, stretch/explore and reflect with various media. The APS Art Education program of studies, National Art Education Standards and multidisciplinary connections will be integrated into our curriculum. Our goal is to provide a safe, enriching and respectful environment in which all children will develop the conceptual skills, creativity, techniques, processes, craftsmanship and attitudes necessary to make personally meaningful works of art. We are devoted to teaching twenty-first century learning skills, including: creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

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