iPad: Dreambox Help

Dreambox is not accessed using the Dreambox app. Dreambox is accessed through Clever. Click here for instructions on how to use Clever. Don’t forget to tap Clever twice.

If you open the app directly you will be asked for a school or class code. There is no code; you’re just in the wrong place.

Use This (MyAccess) Then This (Clever)


If you have trouble accessing Dreambox through Clever, first do these three things:

First, tap Safari and close all of your tabs: Hold the Tabs icon in the upper right-hand corner of Safari, shown below, and then press Close All # Tabs in red.

Safari Tabs Icon

Next, swipe all of your apps closed (Click here for directions)

Finally, restart your device by holding down the power button for up to ten seconds until the screen goes dark, counting to five, then pressing the power button again for a few seconds until the Apple appears.

Once restarted, retry going to MyAccess, tapping Clever twice, then tapping Dreambox.

If you see an error that says “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid,” complete a Level 1 Support form, and explain that you have done all of the troubleshooting steps above and saw that specific error.