Two green flags bearing the Eco-Schools USA logo, and the text around it, white on a gold halo of animal tracks, "Green Flag Award, Lifetime Recipient."Discovery’s Eco-Action Team is a group of students, parents, teachers, and administrators committed to stewardship of the environment. The Eco-Action Team is modeled upon the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA Program.

You can view our Eco-Schools USA dashboard here.

In May 2017, Discovery Elementary earned the Green Flag Award from the Eco-Schools USA program. In May 2019, Discovery Elementary earned its second Green Flag and in May 2021, Discovery Elementary earned its third Green Flag.

In May 2023, Discovery submitted its final application to re-certify its Green Flag for the fourth time and earned our Lifetime Recipient of the Green Flag Award!

The four badges of the Eco-Schools USA Green Flag Awards. The first is 2017, the second is 2019, the third is 2021, and the final gold badge is 2023.

You can view our Discovery Energy Dashboard, which shows real-time statistics, here.

Discovery is also a recipient of the U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon award, as well as numerous other awards for sustainability in teaching and learning, as well as the physical building itself.

Our major work on our Eco-Actions Pathways for 2017-2019 included:

  • Energy: Becoming a certified Net-Zero Energy school.
  • Climate Change: Reducing our amount of waste produced in the coming year, measurable by gathering ongoing data this year.
  • Consumption and Waste: Reducing our amount of waste produced in the coming year, measurable by gathering baseline data this year.

Our major work on our Eco-Actions Pathways for 2019-2021 included:

  • Energy: Maintaining energy-positive status and implementing our second-generation Energy Dashboard.
  • Climate Change: Redesigning our recycling and waste management programs to further reduce measurable waste production compared to prior years.
  • Sustainable Foods: Increase student comprehension of food miles and the impact of processed foods, reduce plastic bottle waste per classroom, and implement a composting program that addresses ongoing concerns.

Our major work on our Eco-Actions Pathways for 2021-2023 will include:

  • Energy: Improvements to the Energy Dashboard and further integration into teaching.
  • Climate Change: Continue to address human behaviors to improve our carbon footprint.
  • Healthy Living: Increase physical activity during the day and enhance our mindfulness practices.
  • Sustainable Foods: Restart the hydroponics gardens in full swing post-pandemic, including participating in Plot for Hunger, and to enhance our outdoor gardening.

The team has scoped out a variety of programs, including:

  • incentive programs to reduce lunch waste
  • collection of uneaten lunch food for donation to AFAC, and possible food scrap compost pick-up
  • programs to promote walking, busing, biking and carpooling
  • offering items like lunch boxes, water bottles and coffee mugs for sale through the PTA
  • production of short videos by students on environmental topics
  • outdoor education through gardening and park cleanups
  • certification of the school as a Green Flag Eco-School
  • making it all fun by holding class and school-wide celebrations to recognize green practices

Campus Pollinator Pledge

Discovery Elementary School is a proud signatory of the Campus Pollinator Pledge.

The National Wildlife Federation's Campus Pollinator Pledge badge, featuring a raccoon wearing a park ranger hat surrounded by a field of flowers and butterflies.

Eligibility & Commitment

All Discovery students are invited to join the Eco-Action Team and serve as Green Leaders. Discovery’s Eco-Action Team will consist of all students who commit to completing 2 hours of service, as well as attending monthly Eco-Action meetings.


Please contact Ms. Annamreddy or Ms. Stoker if you have questions.