At Arlington Public Schools (APS), equity is one of our core values and fundamental beliefs. Begun in 2018 and formally adopted in 2020, Arlington Public Schools has enacted School Board Policy A-30: Equity in order to facilitate improvements in the equitability and quality of all operations in APS, including governance, education, workforce, and operations. In schools, the group of teacher leaders invested in working to improve equity is called the Equity Team.

The goal of the Equity Team is to promote institutional change within the school system to better serve students and staff by ensuring each student receives what they need to reach their academic and social potential. Equity Teams are designed to induce open and honest conversations about issues like racism, economic inequality, sexism, homophobia, and ableism. Establishing an Equity Team supplies direction and leadership in practices, procedures, policies, and culturally relevant professional development by continually examining and discussing potential inequities within APS (Arlington Public Schools).

Discovery’s Equity Statement

Our school will celebrate, honor, and uplift diverse identities, experiences, and beliefs. We will build cultural competencies and foster brave conversations equipped with understanding.


At Discovery, our unified team of Equity Influencers is called DELTA: The Diversity and Equity Leadership Team Assembled.

Discovery Equity Leadership Team Assembled

DELTA is comprised of the teacher leaders for each of the five diversity, inclusion, and equity focused groups, and the school’s administration.

The four groups within Discovery’s Equity Team are:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • No Place for Hate
  • Equity Audit Team
  • Equity in Grading Team

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