Equity Audit Team

Serving as the analytic arm of the comprehensive equity program at Discovery, the Equity Audit Team utilizes research, instrumentation, data collection, and data analysis techniques to ascertain the reality of the situation “on the ground.” Involving the school leadership team, the lead equity auditor, teacher leaders, and some family members, this branch of DELTA works to provide the information that helps us understand where Discovery truly is in its ongoing process of growth and improvement around issues of equity.

Discovery’s Equity Audit Team is composed of Dr. Russo, Dr. Seeber, and teacher leaders within the building. This team utilizes the LEAD tool to reflect on past and current equity based efforts and initiatives. Through a collection of evidence and feedback, the team crafts goals for Discovery’s future equity endeavors and continuously reflects throughout the year. The LEAD tool is completed twice a year, first in the Fall before the school year begins to guide the construction of the School Improvement Plan. The LEAD tool is completed again midyear during the Winter to reflect on past efforts and prepare to finish the year with a strong effort in meeting the goals set in the Fall.

Lead Teacher

A photo of Heather Clark
Heather Clark
Equity Audit Team Lead