Standards-Based Exemplars

As other schools discover the research, understand the philosophy, and make policy moves to implement Standards-Based Instruction and Assessment practices, Discovery’s teaching staff is happy to provide the following artifacts as exemplars, to help schools in their design of their own procedures. Confidential, personally-identifying, and copyrighted information may be redacted in some of these documents, in accordance with applicable policy and law.

The overarching message that the team wishes to share with others who join the work is that the process of unpacking standards, and the CLT- and PLC-based collaborative work of examining current practices and defining the Performance Level Indicators for the rubrics you use is the most critical process of all. It is an individualized process for each team that seeks to do so, and cannot be adequately captured in any artifact or exemplar.

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Standards-Based Instruction Exemplars

Standards-Based Assessment Exemplars

Synergy Instructions for Standards-Based Assessment