General PE Information

Student-Centered PE Rules

Our number one goal is to create a safe and fun learning environment for our students. As such, we ask that all students follow the below rules:

  • Safety – Think safe, be safe
  • Respect – Yourself and others, equipment, teachers, and the facility. We do this by using kind words and showing good sportsmanship
  • Responsibility – Follow directions and wear PE-appropriate shoes to class
  • Effort – Listen, do your best, and encourage others
  • Be Under Control – Control your body, your behavior, and your communication

Discovery Elementary PE Policies

Below is a list of policies and recommendations that we ask for help from our parents in making sure all students in grades PreK-5 stay safe while participating in their Physical Education class:

PE Sneakers/Shoes Policy

We ask that all students and parents refer to the following recommendations when attending PE.

Students should wear tennis/athletic shoes ONLY:

  • Shoes should fit in such a way that the ankle and foot are supported by laces tied tightly enough that the foot does not move inside the shoe.
  • Sneakers with some arch support is recommended so students do not have problems running or developing pain in the heels, back of the foot, or shins.
  • Sneakers with elastic bands across the top (bungee straps) are acceptable as long as the shoe fits snugly to the foot.
  • Sneakers that fasten with Velcro are also acceptable if they fit snugly.
  • Students should wear socks or footies in their shoes to prevent blisters.

The following shoes will not be allowed (in order to prevent injury to the child and other students):

  • Platform shoes, Crocs, flip flops, sandals, cleats (football, soccer, etc), open back shoes, boots (rain, snow, hiking, etc), Uggs or fashion shoes that do not have laces or velcro to hold them snugly to the ankle or foot.
  • Any shoe that is so worn out on the bottom that causes the child to slip on the floor should not be worn.
  • *SUGGESTION: If your child prefers to wear a shoe as described above, please send an appropriate alternative to allow them to change prior to the start of their PE class.
  • Please be respectful of the facility and knock off any mud or dirt that could be tracked into the gym.

Recommended Clothing

While there is no “requirement” for specific clothes to wear, it is recommended that students wear clothes that are loose fitting and comfortable.

  • Any student who wears a skirt, dress, etc to school will be allowed to participate in class, however, tights or shorts are recommended to be worn under.
  • Students are not discouraged from wearing long sleeves, sweatshirts, or jackets. However, many tend to get hot during class. When this happens, students are asked to leave the clothing out in the hallway (as opposed to the gym floor) for safety’s sake.
  • Loose fitting jewelry should be removed and left in the classroom prior to class. Watches, bracelets, FitBits, stud earrings, or any other jewelry that is not loose are fine, as long as they won’t get caught in clothing during activity.

Being Excused from PE

All students in grades PreK-5 have PE 3 times per week for 30 minutes each day. Our goal is to maximize learning and physical activity needs as much as possible.

  • If your child needs to be excused from class due to an injury or illness for up to three PE periods, please send in a note or email the PE team. Likewise, if your child is limited due to an injury/illness but not required to be out, (Ex – A child has a jammed finger but can still run, but should not be allowed to use that hand for any reason), then please inform us of that and will accommodate for the needs of that child.
  • If your child needs to miss an extensive amount of time (more than 3 PE periods) due to an injury or illness, please provide us with a doctor’s note and any specific instructions on how we can accommodate the child’s needs.
  • Regardless of the amount of time that physical activity needs to be missed or limited, we prefer to still include the child in the day’s lesson (i.e. special student helper for the day, completion of an assignment specifically related to the lesson or unit, etc) and not for the child to sit out while reading a book, stay with the classroom teacher, or other non-PE-related activities.
  • Any other medical-related reasons in which a child needs to miss time in PE should be discussed with the PE team in order to properly accommodate the individual child’s needs.