Gifted Services

Kathy Olmsted
Kathy Olmsted
Gifted Coach

Arlington Public Schools is dedicated to maximizing the strengths and potential of all students so they may become self-confident, well-rounded, responsible and productive citizens. Believing that each and every individual has merit, Arlington Public Schools recognizes that certain learners within the school population have unique abilities, interests, needs and potential for accomplishment. These characteristics necessitate systematic, continuous services to present unique and appropriately differentiated curricula and learning opportunities responsive to individual learning rates, styles, and interests. Gifted students need opportunities to think abstractly, work at various rates and levels of complexity, and pursue tasks independently. In addition, students eligible for gifted services need opportunities to learn with others of like abilities, as well as opportunities to develop social relationships with others of all abilities.

The Office of Gifted Services follows the 2017-2022 Gifted Services Local Plan which complies with Virginia Regulations Governing Educational Services for Gifted Students based on the following concepts:

  • Giftedness is developmental; it is potential that must be nourished;
  • Gifted students share some characteristics with all other children; and
  • There is variability among the gifted.

The Gifted Services eligibility process identifies students in the following areas.

  • Specific Academic Aptitude: students with specific aptitudes in the academic areas of Mathematics, Science, English, and Social Studies.
  • Visual/Performing Arts Aptitude: students with specific aptitudes in Visual Art and/or Instrumental or Vocal Music areas.

Gifted Playground Presentations