Gifted Services

Gifted Services Team

A photo of Tammy Stoker
Tammy Stoker
Resource Teacher for the Gifted


In Class Services

At Discovery, we use the collaborative cluster model. Students eligible for gifted services will be cluster grouped in a particular subject area.

A cluster group is a class with at at least five and up to around eight students who are identified for gifted services in that specific subject area.

The cluster group teacher is the primary differentiator, with support from the Resource Teacher for the Gifted, or “RTG.” Support may look different in various grade levels, depending on teacher and student needs.

RTG-Provided Services

The RTG collaborates with grade-level teams to plan and implement advanced content, such as:

  • Socratic Seminars
  • Simulations
  • Critical and Creative Thinking Strategies

The RTG also encourages instructional practices to provide support for differentiating instruction, including:

  • Flexible Grouping Models
  • Extensions
  • Choice boards for extension and practice
  • Book Groups
  • Passion Projects / Genius Hour / Problem Based Learning

Working with teachers to find and nurture students that may need more academic challenge, the RTG is available to any student who wants to pursue an idea or needs a sounding board.


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