iPad: Level 2 Support

Four cartoon astronaut heads are shown: The first says "Normal, it works." The second says "Level 0, not sure." The third says "Level 1, don't work." The fourth says, "Level 2, it's broken." Level 2 is highlighted.

When an iPad needs to be repaired or replaced, that is done directly with the Department of Information Services, in person, at the Syphax Education Center.

Effective Wednesday, February 10, families now need an appointment to bring a device to Syphax for service. To make an appointment, please email Mr. Reeves at keith.reeves@apsva.us, and include dates and time ranges during which you are available to be at Syphax. Mr. Reeves will facilitate your appointment with Mr. Hoover, the Technician assigned to Discovery.

Click here for detailed information on how to get to the Syphax Education Center, the APS central offices.