iPad: MyAccess help

MyAccess is a “single sign-on system” and is essential to most APS systems.

On any device, including personal devices at home, MyAccess is located at

The MyAccess login screen looks like this:

MyAccess Login Screen

A student’s User Name is the student’s seven digit student ID number.

A student’s Password is the student’s unique six digit password. This password was emailed to all families with the student’s Homeroom Assignment notification in August. The password does not change; resetting the password will always reset it to this six digit number except in rare circumstances in which you request it because of a security breach.

Check your email archive to recover the password this way.

If you cannot find the email, contact your child’s teacher directly to request it. Click on Classrooms from this website’s main menu, then select the appropriate grade level, then click the image of the teacher to find that teacher’s email address.

If, after doing this, you are confident you are using the correct user name and password, and still cannot log in to MyAccess, proceed to Level 1 Support to submit a Help Desk ticket.