APS Science Databases & More

Students may also access the sites below and all APS databases through Canvas and MackinVIA. If at home, log into the MyAccess app to find MackinVIA.


Pebble Go Animals
Provides students with information on the body, habitat, food, and life cycle of different animals including frogs, sparrows, puffer fish, and manatees.


Pebble Go Science – Earth & Space
Provides students with information on different subjects in the earth sciences and space studies including ecosystems, water, the solar system, the seasons, and clouds.


eLibrary Science
Provides access to full-text and multimedia reference essentials for doing science research in a k-12 environment.


Science in Context
Provides access to over 150 reference science books from Gale Cengage. Includes over 7,000 biographies, 16,000 images and videos, and two dictionaries.

NASA for Students