APS Social Studies Databases

Students may also access the sites below and all APS databases through Canvas and MackinVIA. If at home, log into the MyAccess app to find MackinVIA.


Culture Grams
Introduces the daily customs and lifestyle of cultures all over the world, as well as to their political, geographic, and economic structure.


National Geographic for Kids
Provides access to photographs, books, and magazines for kids from the National Geographic archives.


Pebble Go Social Studies
Provides students with information on different subjects in the social sciences including government, holidays, families, and culture.


Pebble Go Next
US Regions and Native American tribes


U.S. History in Context
Provides access to documents from over ninety-five Gale reference sources, viewpoint essays, image galleries, and video and audio from NBC, NPR, and other sources exploring historical events in the United States.


World History in Context
Provides access to full-text periodicals, reference works, and primary documents covering all aspects of world history from antiquity to the present day.