Grade Level Resources

Please note that from home, databases should be accessed through the MackinVIA app or

  • You may search on your own or use the quick links provided for the grade levels below.
  • Students should use their student ID number and Google number to log in easily.
  • If you have any questions – please contact Mr. Re

1st Grade

Animals – resources from World Book Encyclopedia, Britannica Encyclopedia and Pebble Go Animals

2nd Grade


3rd Grade

Nonfiction Articles

4th Grade

  • People – Lists through LiveBinders: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, James Lafayette, Jack (John) Jouett, James Madison, George Mason. Students should focus on the World Book and Britannica tabs, GALE is more for teachers, adults or enrichment.
  • Extreme Weather – lists using a google doc, search engines for students to use. It also has links to specific articles for each of the topics.

5th Grade

John Glenn Resources