Non-APS Devices

Some families allow students to bring technology to school that is not APS-issued. Specifically, we see older students with smart phones and students of all ages with smart watches, which some families use for communication before and after school.

To ensure all parties know their rights and responsibilities around the permitted use of these devices during school, families who opt to allow their students to bring personal devices to school must review and sign the Acceptable Use & Responsibility Agreement (AURA)↗ for Students and Families with Non-APS Devices.

Students whose family has not signed the AURA may not use non-APS technology at school.

Review the document together with your student, and then both the student and a parent or guardian should sign the bottom, and return the document to the classroom teacher. The documents will be kept on file by the Technology Coach, Mr. Reeves.

Questions regarding this policy can be directed to Mr. Reeves at📧.