Online Resources

List of Websites for Spanish Enrichment:

  • Apredizaje de la lectoescritura is great for students who speak Spanish at home and are beginning to read it
  • Ciudad 17 has games to practice basic concepts we have covered this year
  • Guisanito is full of fun Spanish learning games- geared toward native speakers
  • Mi Mundo en Palabras is a good website for Spanish learners
  • Spanish Playground is a Spanish teacher’s blog with a helpful guide for parents who do not speak Spanish about their lessons and topics
  • Pequejuegos is geared toward older students – lots of engaging games
  • PBSKids has some interactive Spanish games for kids:
  • Rockalingua Games – Music-based Spanish learning
  • Story Place Spanish digital library has lots of online stories and activities
  • DiscoveryKids is a website that has lots of videos and games (designed for native speakers, but can be used by anyone)

If your family has personal devices at home, here are a few apps that you can download for Spanish Enrichment:

  • Duolingo is a great free app for older students (4th and 5th graders) to really work on their Spanish. It is great for adults who want to learn too.
  • Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade has four unique and creative games with a ton of vocabulary (in-app purchases)
  • Gus on the Go Spanish for Kids – Inviting games & vocabulary is spoken by a native speaker
  • Rosetta Stone Jr. – Free, and many people find it to be helpful
  • Wordzine – Colorful and engaging picture/word association (Other languages included)
  • Spanish School Bus for Kids by Chungaboo – Includes short videos, great for young learners
  • Fun Spanish: Language Learning Games for Kids by Studycat Limited – 2 free lessons and a new game every day for practice