Congratulations! Green Flag #2

Today, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, Discovery Elementary School received its second “Green Flag” Award from the Eco-Schools USA Program through the National Wildlife Federation, which is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year.

Discovery first earned this accolade in 2017. Each award involves a roughly 100-page application covering two years’ worth of work by students, teachers, Eco-Action leaders, community members, and school leaders both at Discovery and in the Arlington Public Schools departments of facilities and energy management. Students are immersed in sustainability-related learning throughout the curriculum each year at Discovery, and we strive to use the Eco-Schools USA program framework to scaffold scientific inquiry, learn about local and planetary systems, and work to create authentic solutions to real-world problems, both at school and globally.

Eco-Schools USA is “a national program for grades PreK–12 combining the effective green management of school grounds, facilities, and curriculum to empower today’s students for a sustainable tomorrow.”

Discovery’s Eco-Action Leaders, who spearheaded the many “audits” that students participate in as part of this rigorous program, are Maria Burke and Kate Williams. Our science teachers who have been involved in helping with the many scientific and experimental parts of our curriculum are Renita Upshur and Andrew Bridges. The Eco-Schools USA Coordinator is Keith Reeves. The Energy Dashboard at Discovery was designed and implemented by CMTA Engineers in partnership with Cathy Lin, the Energy Management Program coordinator for Arlington Public Schools.

Erin Russo is Principal and Judith Seeber is Assistant Principal of Discovery Elementary School.