Discovery Writing to Travel on Artemis-I

Congratulations to our Explorers who participated in NASA’s Artemis-I Writing Contest. We had 20 students participate. There were 14,000 applicants from Kindergarten through Grade 12 from around the United States. Our students’ essays will be traveling on the Artemis-I and orbiting the Moon.

Artemis-I is the United States’s “return to manned space exploration” mission slated to launch in November of 2021 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Orion spacecraft and the new Space Launch System, which includes the most powerful rocket in the world, will carry the Artemis-I team further into space than any humans have ever traveled, some 280,000 miles from our home planet Earth. You can learn more about the inaugural (first ever) Artemis mission here.

Explorers who wrote Artemis-I essays will receive a certificate and be invited to a lunch after Spring Break to celebrate their accomplishment, and to watch an interview with retired NASA astronaut Richard R. “Ricky” Arnold.

Discovery is very proud of the students who took part in this exciting writing project.