Global Protect Updated

With nearly all APS-issued student 1:1 iPads updated to the latest operating system, iOS 12, the Department of Information Services this afternoon pushed GlobalProtect 5.0 to all Discovery student devices. Global Protect is the system APS uses to filter inappropriate content from being accessed by student devices while connected to a non-APS network.

All devices connected to the APS networks in schools are filtered, regardless of the availability of GlobalProtect.

This updated app may or may not install on your student’s device tonight while it is at home. If it doesn’t, it should install automatically upon returning to school.

Tonight, or the first time the iPad is on a non-APS network, students will be prompted to login to GlobalProtect just once. Your students can use their user names (student ID numbers) and six-digit unique passwords to log in, and all error messages around GlobalProtect should stop.

While at school, to log in to the updated GlobalProtect, students can click the GlobalProtect icon, pictured here:

GlobalProtect icon

Again, students can use their user names (student ID numbers) and six-digit unique passwords to log in, and all error messages around GlobalProtect should stop.

If the student cannot log in, the student should tell the classroom teacher, who can contact the Help Desk and Mr. Reeves, who can remotely troubleshoot the problem through AirWatch, our mobile device management system.

By the end of the week, all student devices should have received their updates and be logged in successfully. We will address individual situations as they arise, to ensure student devices are working correctly.

Additional Notes:

The old “AirWatch Agent” has been replaced with an app called “Hub.” This is an APS-installed app related to AirWatch, the mobile device management system. It is merely a new icon and name; the function remains the same: it is an interface technicians can use to check the device’s enrollment status in the MDM.

You may notice that the “VPN” icon no longer appears in the upper left-hand corner of the screen while the device is connected to an APS network. This is normal; the filter is still working as intended. The “VPN” icon should appear whenever the device is connected to a non-APS network. This indicates that the filter is working as intended. As a reminder, Discovery does not administer any of these systems or control the filter. For information on how APS’s centrally-managed content filtering works, please visit our Blocking Inappropriate Content page.