iPad Pickup Information Sent Home

For safety and security purposes, we did not post information about the time and place for iPad pickup on the website, but emails were sent to all Discovery families. Procedures were emailed to the address(es) Discovery families have on file with the school. iPad Pickup took place on August 20 between 10 AM and 12:15 PM, and it went great!

Three professionals in masks, socially distancing, waving at the camera in front of carts of iPads at the curb of the car loop at Discovery Elementary.

Special thanks to Ms. Del Cid, Ms. Senatre, Ms. Tavera, and Drs. Russo & Seeber, for helping Mr. Reeves run a very successful event. We distributed 234 of our 288 devices!

If you need to pick up your iPad because you were unable to attend Thursday, contact Claudia Tavera at claudia.tavera@apsva.us to arrange an appointment to pick up your devices, which are securely stored at Discovery until you can do so. Please bring the printed iPad Pickup Passport with you to that appointment.

Everyone who picked up an iPad can find instructions for setup, along with all the help documentation we hope you could ever need, at our Online section of the website, linked above, or you can bookmark directly http://discovery.apsva.us/ipad. All technical support requests should go through the process there. Prior to emailing for assistance, be sure to check out the Online area of the website, where the vast majority of questions can be answered and solved independently.

Thank you to all the families who were able to successfully pick up their devices with their iPad Pickup Passports today.