ParentVUE and Digital Progress Reports

First things first: We’ll be sending this information again when it comes time for Quarter 1 Progress Reports, so if you’d rather just enjoy your summer, don’t worry… We’ll be sure to get you all the information you need when you need it!Ā šŸ˜Ž

If you are a returning Discovery family, you know that we utilizeĀ Standards-Based Assessment for reporting student progress to students and families, in addition to the many other research-based diagnostic and evaluative tools teachers use to ensure we have a genuine understanding of each individual student.

This coming year, to further advance our sustainability culture, we will be eliminating tens of thousands of print jobs per year by sending quarterly Standards-Based Progress Reports home electronically, using the APS Student Information System, Synergy, and its partner portal, ParentVUE.

Within ParentVUE, a new tab calledĀ Documents will be added, where the electronic Standards-Based Progress Reports will be available. These will be PDF documents, identical to the ones you’ve received in the past if you’re an current Discovery family, only in digital form. For students enrolled in Summer School, APS progress reports will also be available under “ParentVUE Year Extension” after summer school has concluded.

Discovery has not officially utilized ParentVUE for progress reporting before, though we know families with older students may use it for other schools. Some families may have used it previously for attendance information and the like.

The following information is provided by APS to help families get started with ParentVUE.

Families New To Discovery

APS will be sending information to you at the beginning of the school year to help you get your new account set up securely. There is no additional action required at this time.

Families Returning to Discovery Without ParentVUE Accounts

ParentVUE is managed by APS, not by Discovery. Please visitĀ and click “I am a parent >>” then follow the instructions for activating a new account. You may need to contact APS for assistance in some circumstances. Contact information will be provided if necessary.

Families with Existing ParentVUE Accounts

Parents logging into ParentVUE with an active ParentVUE account must reset their password (since July 4, 2018) in order to take advantage of the new features that we will be using this coming year. If Parents need to recover or change passwords, please visitĀ

If your previously-provided activation key has expired, or you need a new one, please contact the Registrar at Discovery, Ms. Amores, at 703.228.2685.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Parents log into ParentVUE?

To login into ParentVUE, Parents can go to the following URL:

How can a Parent Activate their ParentVUE account?

A training document is available on the APS Family Access page: (See link: How do I activate my ParentVUE account?)

Families will be provided activation keys during the first week of school. After this, information will be shared for families who still need assistance.

How can a Parent Recover their password if they have forgotten it?

You can direct parents to the training document on the APS Family Access page: (See link: How do I Recover my Password?)

How can a Parent Change their password?

You can direct parents to the training document on the APS Family Access page: (See link: How do I change my password?)

What if a Parent Forgets their username?

If you need your user name (which is usually the email address you utilized to activate your account), you can call the Discovery Main Office at 703.228.2685. Ask to speak to the Registrar, Ms. Amores.