Erin Russo

Erin Russo with Book


My role as Principal of Discovery is to ensure Explorers learn, collaborate, and innovate with the world in mind. I must ensure we learn together as a team and encourage everyone to explore, dream, and discover while making a positive impact in our community. We will only achieve our mission and vision if a safe, supportive environment exists for students and staff. A school is a another home for children and establishing a positive, caring community involves all. My role is to ensure we all work together to provide an optimal learning environment for our students. I model and coach staff so that they can give their best and be their best each day.

Professional Background

I hold several degrees from several local universities. My doctorate is from George Washington University in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. My Master’s degree is from George Mason in Curriculum and Instruction. George Mason, and the warmer weather, is the reason I’m no longer in Massachusetts. I originally earned a teaching degree and Bachelors in Non-Fiction Editing and Writing from George Mason. I love school! I started my career as a high school English teacher and Newspaper advisor. I coached field hockey and loved the deep, reflective conversations high schoolers were always eager to have. I came to Arlington Public Schools to serve as an Assistant Principal at Williamsburg Middle School where I loved seeing the changes that my students made in three short years. Currently, I am passionate about helping elementary-aged students find their voice and develop risk taking skills. Nurturing a growth mindset is also a important at this age.

Personal Interests

Traveling is my passion. I love the food and culture of places like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. I have enjoyed the castles of Germany, France, and Ireland and marvel at the art and history of places like Czechoslovakia. With my nine-, seven-, and four-year old children, travel includes exploring local lakes, mountains, and museums. Our adventures include biking, swimming, and snowboarding.

Literary Connection

A Letter To My Teacher by Nancy Carpenter is a poignant reminder of the difference a teacher can make in a child’s life. As an educator I am helping shape growing minds through all of my actions, words, and decisions. Teaching is a difficult, and rewarding, profession. I am inspired daily by the educators I am fortunate to work with at Discovery.