Heather Klanderman

Heather Klanderman


As a classroom teacher, my role is to create a positive and collaborative classroom. I will inspire, challenge, and reach students through developing personal relationships and thoughtful lessons. As I build relationships with students, I will be able to deepen their learning by tailoring lessons that meet individual student’s needs.

Professional Background

I attended The University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where I graduated with honors from The School of Elementary Education. I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education. I recently graduated from George Mason University with a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, Literacy: Reading Specialist Concentration.  I began my career as a FCEP/Headstart Teacher in Fairfax County. While working for Fairfax I had the opportunity to expand my teaching knowledge in 3rd grade. I have spent the last four years teaching 3rd grade. I am looking forward to continuing my career as a 1st grade teacher at Discovery Elementary!

Personal Interests

In my free time I enjoy staying active by playing and watching sports. As a Wisconsinite I am a Cheese Head at heart (Go Pack Go)! I have family living in the Northern Virginia area, which brought me to my new home. I enjoy spending time with family and close friends. I enjoy making personalized DIY gifts for friends and family like tumblers, t-shirts, and blankets.

Literary Connection

One of my favorite children’s books is Elmer by David McKee. The theme of the story is a celebration of individuality and the power of laughter. Elmer is a patchwork elephant, confident in his uniqueness. His peers are gray and all blend in with each other. While traveling through the jungle, Elmer finds a gray berry tree and covers himself in gray. When he joins the herd, the elephants do not recognize him. Elmer yells, “Boo!” and surprises the elephants. All the other elephants are sad Elmer is not here to share the fun. Then it begins to rain, and the berries wash off of Elmer. The other elephants agree this has been the best joke Elmer has played on them. They decide to celebrate this day everyone year as “The day of Elmer’s Best Joke.” So every day each year the elephants paint themselves different colors and Elmer paints himself like an ordinary elephant.


  • Homeroom - Grade 1
  • Science - Grade 1
  • Social Studies - Grade 1
  • Mathematics - Grade 1
  • Reading - Grade 1
  • Language Arts - Grade 1