Jasmin Te Tan

Jasmin Marshall


Role Inside and outside the classroom I’m a role model of all things. The kids look to my behavior, how I manage my feelings, my interactions with others; even the way I eat and clean up. Other than modeling for the class, the kids determine what I’ll be doing each day. If one of them needs help in a subject, then that’s what I’ll be working on. I also teach Get Set For School, which is handwriting for early learners. It’s so thrilling to watch our students grow their skills.

Professional Background

I have been working with children in several different ways for the past nine years. After high school I worked with a few different camps before joining Arlington Public Schools. I started working with the Extended Day program which gave me the foundation of my teaching style. After several years with the program I took the paraprofessional test and moved on to supporting students in Special Education at McKinley Elementary School. For the past four years I have been working with Preschool Special Education kids. For the last two years I have been working in an Inclusion class that combines PreK Special Education with Montessori.

Personal Interests

I really love setting up and making crafts. It has always been my favorite activity to do since my own elementary days. The best part is watching the kids take the crafts I prepare and let their imaginations run wild. I also enjoy painting and find any excuse to paint on canvas or the wood furniture I have at home. When it comes to painting, I find it very relaxing. Whenever I find some spare time, and I’m not doing a craft, I pick up a book. Whether it’s a book I’m rereading or a new series I’m starting, I’ll be enthralled for at several hours at least.

Literary Connection

The book I chose is part of a fourteen-book series by Robert Jordan called The Wheel of Time. When I suggest books for older kids to read, they are almost always books from a series. Books in a series tend to have better world building and character development. They are the best kind of books to get lost in the story. They are a big reason as to why I still enjoy reading now. I feel that it’s important to help instill a love of reading into kids. This way I can ensure that they will continue reading later in life.