Jennifer Taylor

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New Explorer Staff Placeholder


I am thrilled to be a part of the Discovery community!! My role, as a special education assistant is to help our students to learn the necessary life skills that will set them up for success in the future. I look forward to exploring the individual needs of each of our students, and working with the special education team to create a successful learning environment.

Professional Background

I graduated with a degree in Music Therapy from Sam Houston State University. As a military wife, I have moved many times, affording me opportunities to work for various organizations, in various states. I continually find myself drawn to positions in the education and behavioral health fields. When I lived in California, I worked as the Program & Case Manager for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Kings County, where I also served on the Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council. Maryland introduced me to county government work with the Developmental Disabilities Administration as a Resource Coordinator, advocating for families and individuals with disabilities. Prior to moving to Arlington, I worked as an instructional assistant where I worked closely with the special services team to assess students needs and assist in development of individualized student plans. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of a team that focuses on the child’s success inside and outside the classroom.

Personal Interests

I am a wife of a Navy fighter pilot, and a mom to two amazing, resilient kiddos! I enjoy spending time with my family exploring and learning about our nation’s history, sailing, and camping. I also enjoy attending various sporting events, cheering on our favorite teams, especially NAVY football – GO NAVY, Beat Army!

Literary Connection

As a mom, I have loved reading Dr. Seuss books to my children. Some make me laugh, some twist my tongue and some make me think. Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who! is one that I enjoy because of the lesson it teaches. Here is this large elephant, Horton, who finds a tiny speck on a clover that he discovers holds the Who’s of Who-ville and vows to always protect it because “after all, a person’s a person. No matter how small.” Horton’s promise of protection is evident twice during the story. Once when the black-bottomed eagle drops the clover in a great patch of clovers, Horton’s determination to find the clover works and he reminds the Who’s that he’ll stick by them. The second time, the kangaroo tries to take the speck, but Horton fights and tells the Mayor of Who-ville to not give up, “make yourselves heard!” After all the shouting and clanging, the Who voices are heard by all, proving they are persons, no matter how small.  And the kangaroo, like teachers and parents promise to protect the small persons of Who-ville, from summer to fall, no matter how small. “After all a person’s a person. No matter how small.”