Jessica Piscopo

Jessica Piscopo


My overall mission as a Physical Education Teacher is to enable students to develop positive attitudes and behaviors towards physical fitness and lifetime sports. I think it is important to emphasize developmentally-appropriate activities for students to become aware of specific body movements and how they are incorporated into physical activity. As students progress through the elementary years, skills are combined and sequenced in patterns that can be applied to many lifetime activities. Through instruction and guidance, I instill the same passion for learning and growth to my students by giving them the necessary tools to lead a healthy lifestyle through lifelong fitness.

Professional Background

I graduated from James Madison University with a Master of Arts in Health and Physical Education for grades PreK-12. I spent the next five years teaching for Loudoun County Public Schools. My first three years with LCPS, I created and implemented both physical education and health curriculum for 6th and 7th grade students. The next two years I transitioned from teaching middle school students to students at the elementary level in Loudoun. This year will be my third teaching in Arlington Public Schools. I love teaching for APS and being an active participant in the Discovery community.

Personal Interests

Living a healthy lifestyle has always been something that has been important to me. I enjoy staying active any way possible and am constantly looking for new ways to improve my fitness. One of my favorite things to do in my free time is go for a run. It helps to clear my mind and explore my surroundings. I also like to stay active in social leagues in DC. It enables me to be physically active, meet new people, and get to know the DC area. Aside from that, I also enjoy watching any and all sports. I grew up a huge Yankees and Giants fan. Another one of my favorite things is to visit New York City. Being born there I have a great love for the city and enjoy going back often to visit family. As a JMU alumnus, I also root for the school’s sports teams: “Go Dukes!” I enjoy being creative, painting, and have a flare for interior decorating.

Literary Connection

The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper stands out to me from my childhood because it delivers an important message for everyone. The story begins with a happy train traveling up a mountainside to deliver toys and goodies to children. Suddenly the train’s wheels are stuck. Desperate to get over the mountain as to not let the children down, the train asks numerous trains passing by to help. These trains were big, strong, and older, but refused to waste their time helping out the train, and rode away saying “I can not. I can not.” When all help seemed lost a tiny little blue engine came chugging by. When asked to help, she agrees despite her size. As the tiny little blue engine slowly made her way up the mountain, she kept repeating “I think I can, I think I can.” Soon enough the train carrying the toys is pulled successfully over the mountain by the tiniest engine of all. This story teaches the importance of hard work and a positive attitude. Those two things combined builds confidence to successfully tackle the biggest of obstacles. As a physical educator, I hope to instill these qualities in my students to prepare them to conquer their mountains!