John Duffy

John Duffy


My role as a physical educator is to make every effort to enhance students’ physical activity levels and to introduce them to a variety of skills and fitness concepts through as many means as possible. I have a true passion for teaching sport and for teaching children. Within the walls of the gym, I am a firm believer in educating the whole child in all content areas, yet focusing on my own discipline. I have always taken an interdisciplinary approach to my teaching – incorporating math, reading, and science concepts – as often as possible. I am always seeking new and innovative methods to teaching PE in order to maximize the learning experience and to teach to each child’s unique learning needs.

Professional Background

As a career-switcher, I have taken an unconventional journey to teaching. I graduated from Radford University in 2000 with a BBA in Marketing and promptly moved to Northern Virginia. After a 7-year career in business, I decided my true passion was in teaching and made the decision to go back to school in order to earn my teaching license. I ultimately graduated from Towson University in 2009 with a teaching certification in PE and began my career in education as an elementary PE teacher in Alexandria. While working in ACPS, I also earned my Master’s degree in Physical Education, Teacher Education through West Virginia University. I also spend each of my summers at Congressional Camp in Falls Church with many of our Explorers, working as the Special Events Director for Day Camp. My summers at Congo further fulfill my love of working with kids and making sure they have fun summers away from school!

Personal Interests

In addition to the time I spend with my 10-year old daughter Emma, my 4-year old son William, and my wife Lauren, a majority of my life revolves around sports and fitness. I typically do some form of physical activity each day of the week, whether it be lifting weights, training for long distance races, playing recreational softball, or playing pick-up basketball. At home, my TV is usually tuned to ESPN or some sort of athletic event, with a majority of my fandom focused on UVA sports (Go Hoos!).

Literary Connection

I chose the book By My Brother’s Side by Tiki and Ronde Barber, as there are many invaluable life lessons to be had as a result of playing sports. In the book, a young Tiki gets badly hurt as a result of a bicycle accident. It is through the encouragement of his brother and his own desire and hard work to get back to the football field that leads to his success as a youngster. This passion and drive that was learned at a young age helped fuel the boys to a successful college career at the University of Virginia and ultimately prosperous careers in the NFL. I hope to aid in instilling these same ideas of hard work and desire in the students I teach to help them achieve their dreams, in no matter what field they choose.


  • Physical Education - Grade 5
  • Physical Education - Montessor
  • Physical Education - Grade 4
  • Physical Education - Grade 1
  • Physical Education - Grade 2
  • Physical Education - Kindergar
  • Physical Education - Grade 3
  • Physical Education - Pre-Kinde