Julianne Scopellite



I firmly believe that education is the process by which a student not only gains classroom instruction, but also develops the confidence and determination it takes to succeed. My role is to help students recognize their strengths and improve on shortcomings, inspire them to strive beyond standard expectations, and provide them support to achieve their goals both in and out of the classroom. I value motivation, perseverance, and trying one’s best. I will encourage students in my class to take initiative in their learning in ways that peak their interests because ambition is key to guiding a student towards educational success.

Professional Background

I graduated from Marymount University in May 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Multidisciplinary Studies focusing on Elementary Education. My training includes two student teaching internships within Arlington Public Schools where I taught kindergarten at Glebe Elementary and fourth grade at Discovery Elementary. After graduating from MU, I became a part of Discovery’s third grade team. I am currently taking classes at George Mason University to earn my Master’s in Special Education concentrating on students with disabilities who access the general curriculum.

Personal Interests

I’m part of a military family, and as a child I experienced living in different places. My parents, younger brother, and I moved from New York to Colorado and then to Virginia. New York and Colorado were both great places to be in, but Virginia is hands down the best state! During my free time, I love listening to music, baking, and exploring our nation’s capital. My favorite place to go to is Gravelly Point by Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Literary Connection

The Harry Potter series of books are my all-time favorite. J.K Rowling sparked my passion for reading when I was a young student. I love these stories because they offer so many literary genres with a variety of relatable characters, and take readers on wonderful adventures while they learn life lessons along the way. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite story. As Harry continues to overcome obstacles and experience courage, empathy, trust and loyalty, he discovers a new sense of family, friendship and belonging. The Harry Potter series holds something for every reader as it is filled with action, drama, comedy and mystery. These books encouraged me to see the magic in everything and everyone.


  • Science - Grade 3
  • Homeroom - Grade 3
  • Mathematics - Grade 3
  • Social Studies - Grade 3
  • Reading - Grade 3
  • Language Arts - Grade 3