Kate Patton

Kate Patton


I am so excited to be apart of this amazing Discovery community. As one of the special education assistants, I see my role as helping my students engage in how to learn and succeed in mastering necessary life skills for now and the future. By focusing on the whole student, I look forward to learning from and enhancing the social, emotional and creative needs of our students. I am excited to work together with the other special education teachers at Discovery, to help the kids develop and explore their different learning styles that they can use and adapt throughout their life.

Professional Background

I graduated with a B.A. degree in Journalism from American University’s School of Communication. The highlight of my career was working at The Washington Post newspaper for almost 10 years. I was hired part-time working nights as part of the Copy Aide staff and provided support to the newsroom staff. Soon afterwards I became full-time and was moved to day the day side shift. I eventually became Deputy Asst. of the Copy Aide Station. After a year and a half I became the Administrative Assistant to two Assistant Managing Editors of the Financial Section, David Ignatius and later Jill Dutt. One of the highlights of the position was being able to write for different sections of the paper. It is also where I met my wonderful husband.

In 2004, I created a website, www.specialneedskidsinfo.com, that provides special needs resources for families in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area who are either new to the world of special needs or are looking for local resources and health and wellness information for their child. It’s my hope and goal that by streamlining the information on to one site, I’ll save families time on the internet and lessen some of their stress. In 2014, I was fortunate to be a Substitute Special Education Assistant in Arlington, particularly at The Reed Integration Station and Children’s School, Jamestown Elementary, McKinley Elementary and Williamsburg Middle School. The experience has been richly rewarding.

Personal Interests

I’m privileged to be the mom to our daughter Erin and son Dave. Our sweet Golden Retrievers Starbucks and Georgie keep us very busy and entertained. I also enjoy playing tennis, working out, swimming, gardening. We like to visit my family in CT. and RI during the summer and holidays. Spending time at the beach, biking, sailing and eating ice cream are some of our favorite things to do. We are a divided house for sports Yankees and Red Sox, Giants and Patriots. It makes for a lot of fun!

Literary Connection

The story Corduroy by Don Freeman is about a cute teddy bear in a department store who is always overlooked by the other kids in favor of other toys. One day a sweet little girl named Lisa sees a small, cuddly bear wearing green corduroy overalls with a missing button sitting on a shelf and she decides he’s the bear she’s always wanted. It’s the story about friendship and believing in people. It teaches the importance of accepting them for who they are and not judging because of how they may look, act or sound. It’s also a lesson about having patience, that not everything is given automatically or has to be new. The importance of saving money and spending it on something that you will appreciate and value for a long time is also a lifelong lesson that can be learned at any age.