Kathryn Gray

Kathryn Gray with Book


As a Kindergarten teacher I introduce children, and sometimes their parents, to elementary school. I guide students towards increasing independence and help them build stamina for a full day of work and play in a brand new community of learners.

Professional Background

I graduated from Beloit College in 1988 with degrees in Spanish and Sociology, and a certification in secondary education. I began teaching in 1989 as a high school Spanish and ESOL teacher in the Chicago area. I joined the Peace Corps and served in Costa Rica from 1991-1993. Upon my return, I joined APS teaching at the secondary level until 2001 when I left APS to care for my children. I soon joined Arlington Unitarian Cooperative Preschool (AUCP) where I gained valuable experience in early childhood education while working as a cooperative parent and teacher of four-year-old children. In 2011 I earned a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Marymount University and returned to APS. Before coming to Discovery as a Kindergarten teacher in 2015 I taught in the Even Start program at Barcroft ES and Kindergarten at Jamestown ES.

Personal Interests

I live in Arlington with my husband and three children. I love to read, hike, travel, dance, run, go to museums, and enjoy the arts. As the youngest of five siblings, and a resident of Arlington since 1997, I enjoy many gatherings with friends and family.

Literary Connection

Verdi by Janell Cannon is a book I love to read out loud to Kindergartners. Verdi is a tree python hatchling who is horrified at the prospect of losing his juvenile yellow coloring to become boring and green like the adult tree pythons that hang from trees and grumble all day. He revels in his youthful ability to catapult himself above the rainforest canopy until his recklessness causes him to land in a crumpled heap on the forest floor. After being nursed back to health by the adults, he finds that the inevitable has happened. He has become a green adult inclined to hang from trees. When a hatchling approaches him, adult Verdi doesn’t grumble. Instead, he teaches the youth how to safely catapult himself from the rainforest canopy. As the daughter of a Foreign Service officer and an amateur naturalist I visited many rainforests and believe that teaching is about seeing from the perspective of others. Like Verdi, who never forgot what it was like to be young, I hope to always learn from my students.


  • Mathematics - Kindergarten
  • Homeroom - Kindergarten
  • Science - Kindergarten
  • Language Arts - Kindergarten
  • Reading - Kindergarten
  • Social Studies - Kindergarten