Kim Cherry

Kim Cherry


It’s a pleasure to join the Discovery staff! As a special education teacher at Discovery my role is to work with students, parents and staff across the school setting to support implementation of individual education plans. I enjoy the partnerships created through collaboration and conversations surrounding student success. When students recognize their own progress, they develop a sense of self-confidence that’s more than just academic. It has a life-long positive impact. I’m looking forward to being part of the school and greater community.

Professional Background

My undergraduate degree is from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Immediately out of college I moved from NC and took a general education third grade job with Fairfax County where I worked for nine years. While in Fairfax, I completed my Master’s degree in special education at George Mason University with endorsements in Emotional Disabilities and Learning Disabilities. Most recently, I taught in Falls Church City Public schools and served in various leadership roles at the school and district level.

Personal Interests

I am a native North Carolinian and a huge college basketball fan. March madness is my favorite time of year! In addition to basketball, I enjoy both flower and vegetable gardening. The most frequent pest in our garden is our dog, Tate, who eats all the cucumbers! My husband and I both enjoy traveling and will travel to Panama to visit friends this summer and take our traditional family vacation to the North Carolina coast. The beach is one of my favorite places where I can get caught up reading mystery novels.

Literary Connection

I first heard the book The Dot several years ago in a leadership workshop. It was read to a packed conference room of adults by a state leader in education. Ever since then, it has been one of my favorite books for the wonderful message it sends. In the book a young student, Vashti, believes she isn’t a very good artist and draws a dot in frustration. Her art teacher tells her to sign it. The next day, the dot is hanging in a gold frame like a prized possession. This teacher found value in the smallest success and from that came immense self-confidence and self-determination for Vashti. By the end of the book, Vashti comes full circle and tells an even younger student to sign his line he drew in frustration. Every time I read this book it inspires me to find value in the smallest successes and build on them.

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