Lindsay Levy



I am the assistant in Ms. Gray’s Kindergarten class. I help in all areas of the classroom, beginning with greeting the students in the hallway each morning and asking them whether they have brought a lunch or will be buying it, and ending with walking the car riders out to the carpool lane. This is my third year working with Ms. Gray’s Kindergartners.

Professional Background

I graduated from Colgate University in 1987, majoring in Psychology. I soon realized I wanted to be a teacher and earned a Master’s in Elementary Education in 1990 from The George Washington University. I taught for 7 years in Loudoun County, both fourth and second grade, and then became a stay at home mom when my oldest daughter was born.

Personal Interests

I live in Arlington with my husband and two daughters, the older of whom is a recent college graduate while the younger attends the University of Georgia in Athens. With both girls making their way in the world, that makes us empty-nesters!  I love to garden and read, and enjoy dining out at interesting restaurants with my family.

Literary Connection

One of my favorite books is Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. Chrysanthemum is a mouse who loves her long name until she is teased about it at school. The pregnant music teacher, Mrs. Delphinium Twinkle, defends Chrysanthemum, and her family comforts her as well. At the end of the story, Mrs. Twinkle names her new baby Chrysanthemum. I like to read this to book to Kindergartners at the beginning of the year as we all learn each other’s names. Reading it reminds us of the specialness of our own name and how important is it to call each other by that name. One of the most important skills we practice daily in Kindergarten is to be kind to others, and this story highlights that skill.