Mitchell Whittington

Mitchell Whittington with Book


As a classroom teacher, I want to create an environment that supports student growth in all aspects. This means an environment that is flexible to their needs, that is safe for them to explore, that is adaptive to their growth, that helps build community, and creates unforgettable lessons.

Professional Background

I have a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Marymount University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The University of California, Santa Cruz. After finishing my undergraduate studies, I worked for a year in preschool as an assistant teacher and quickly fell in love with teaching. In my pursuit of a Master’s Degree, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Discovery for a couple months last school year and I’m so excited to be returning as a staff member this year!

Personal Interests

Since I was kid growing up in Arlington, I have had a strong passion for drawing. Art helped me communicate with friends or loved ones, discover myself, and drove me to pursue greater heights. It is not uncommon to find small doodles around the classrooms I have worked in. On the weekends, I love playing board games and card games with my friends/family or even dressing up for live-action roleplaying sports.

Literary Connection

When I first read the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds aloud to a first-grade classroom, I was immediately in love. I felt a great connection with the protagonist, not just as someone who wanted to draw but as a person, who believed she was never meant to be a good enough. We may not always believe we are smart enough or skilled enough to accomplish the things we want but just like in the story, sometimes all it takes is one person to say “yes, you can.” I want all of my students to believe “yes, I can” and that I will be there to give them the support they need to discover how truly wonderful they can be.


  • Homeroom - Kindergarten
  • Science - Kindergarten
  • Reading - Kindergarten
  • Language Arts - Kindergarten
  • Social Studies - Kindergarten
  • Mathematics - Kindergarten