Nikki Rollheiser

New Explorer Staff Placeholder


Throughout my studies in urban and multicultural education, I have developed a passion for working with diverse communities. Because of this, my philosophy of education has blossomed into a differentiated approach. I believe that every student is unique and has a story worth sharing. Therefore, my role as a teacher is to ensure all stories are heard by creating a safe, supportive, and engaging atmosphere in my classroom.

Professional Background

I graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I then received my Master’s degree in Elementary Education. I have taught one year in first grade, and three in third grade. I am so excited to spend my 5th year here at Discovery Elementary!

Personal Interests

Over the last few years I’ve been lucky to have traveled around the world, visiting Wales, Argentina, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Greece, and the Czech Republic, so hopefully I’ll fit in here as an Explorer! In addition to traveling, I’m quite the foodie; I love both cooking and baking and trying out the new (to me!) local restaurants. Summer is my favorite season, so I love to spend time outdoors playing sports and hiking with my fiancé and needy new puppy.

Literary Connection

When I think of books that truly resonated with me as a child, I think of one of my favorite authors, Louis Sachar. Sachar developed my love of absurdist and magical realism literature. One that particularly stuck with me is Sideways Stories From Wayside School. Wayside School was accidentally built thirty stories high. It’s a place of absurd humor that never speaks down to the intelligence of a child. Through wit, Sachar is able to weave in themes of friendship, choices, foolishness, wisdom, and truth. This book is so incredibly weird, and I believe it inspired me to always remember that being unique is awesome, and school is a place to be yourself and have fun, all the while learning.