Ofelia Oronoz

Ofelia Oronoz


As a Spanish teacher, my role is to prepare students for their future outside of the classroom by reaching them on an academic and personal level. Accordingly, the students connect to Spanish as a path to personal improvement, academic achievement and professional growth.

Professional Background

I graduated with a Bachelors in Translation and Interpretation for German and English at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas. Then, I worked as a translator in Venezuela and in Germany, but I always tutored students and one of my colleagues suggested to try only teaching. That suggestion brought me coastal North Carolina, to be an elementary and middle school Spanish teacher for three years. When I relocated to Virginia, I moved to private education to be an elementary and middle school Spanish teacher for 16 years. The diversity in my classroom inspired me to pursue my masters in Multiculture and Multilingualism at George Mason University. As lifelong learner I wanted to study Spanish in Spain, I was fortunate to receive the Spanish Culture and Language Scholarship from the University of Santiago de Compostela, and the Fellowship from the University of Granada for Spanish Culture and Language. I join the Discovery team with excitement and curiosity to be a new explorer.

Personal Interests

I enjoy family picnics and the outdoors with my husband and two daughters. We like to discover parks and beaches to play outside, to go for walks and just to take the sun.

Literary Connection

One of my favorite children’s books is The Color Monster by Anna Llenas. In this pop-up book, the color monster faces a day with mixed up feelings and he does not understand why. To easy his day, his friend helps him to sort his emotions and to remember how he feels with each single one. As human beings, children and adults all have feelings. The color monster and his friend are for me an example of care and friendship. It is just amazing to have a friend to help you out and to feel loved.


  • Spanish - Grade 3
  • Spanish - Kindergarten
  • Spanish - Grade 2
  • Spanish - Grade 4
  • Spanish - Montessori Grades PK
  • Spanish - Grade 1
  • Spanish - Grade 5