Victoria Riss


I believe children need to know that they are valued for their own unique talents, personalities, and challenges while learning to be accepting of the talents and personalities of others. I strive to help the students entrusted to me to grow into thoughtful, intellectual, and kind individuals who will be positive, productive citizens in the future. My role as the teacher is to act as a facilitator of learning who fuels student curiosity and encourages students to find answers with guidance through exploration.

Professional Background

I graduated from James Madison University with my Bachelors in Media Arts and Design. My studies at JMU culminated with my studying abroad in Cameroon. Then, I returned home and worked in Washington, D.C. at a nonprofit focused on land conservation. After a year, I decided to return to school which lead me to the University of Virginia, where I earned my Masters of Arts in Teaching. Before beginning at Discovery, I spent time teaching 3rd grade in Prince William County. I could not be more excited to join Discovery explorers in their educational journey!

Personal Interests

I enjoy spending time with family and friends by discovering new hiking trails, traveling to new places, or trying new, local restaurants. When I am at home, oftentimes I can be found walking my dog, Penny, working out, or practicing mindfulness meditation. I look forward to JMU football during the fall season, and when summer rolls around I usually end up in Ocean City, NJ, where my family has been going for reunions since I was young.

Literary Connection

A favorite book of mine is Frederick by Leo Lionni. In the story, winter is fast approaching and all the field mice are busy preparing and gathering food for the months to come – all except for Frederick. Little do they know, Frederick is preparing a small surprise that will feed the spirits of his fellow mice when they need it most. Once the mice have run out of food, the mice ask Frederick what he has been preparing. Frederick reveals an uplifting poem written from the observations he has been making for the past few months. The story of Frederick is a reminder that every person and student come with their own unique talents. Each student contributes to a classroom community, bringing their own ideas, personalities, and talents to the table, just as Frederick contributed to his community by being the voice of hope when others felt defeated.