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At the conclusion of each Marking Period (four times per year), consistent with Arlington Public Schools policy, families of students in Grades 1 through 5 receive a printed Progress Report. Students in Kindergarten receive these reports at the conclusion of each Semester (twice per year). We report on the Standards established for instruction in public schools in Virginia, by the Virginia Department of Education, and as organized by the Arlington Public Schools Scope & Sequence documents that guide our curricula.

These Progress Reports provide families with their student’s current state of Skill Mastery within each Standard. (See “Standards-Based Instruction” and “Standards-Based Assessment” for more information.) These Progress Reports are “snapshots in time,” showing the current situation at the time of the report.

You will note the conspicuous absence of letter grades. As explained throughout this section and in our literature and video, Standards-Based Instruction does not utilize traditional letter grades. At Discovery Elementary School, we provide discrete information about your student’s current Skill Mastery for each Standard, providing more detailed and accurate information about your child’s abilities. These practices are consistent with the state of the research literature, and are a core part of our child-centered educational program.

To assist you in reading the Progress Report, we’ve created some assistance graphics for you:

Cover Sheet

The Cover Sheet of the Progress Report provides both an explanation of the report and an explanation of what each of the Skill Mastery descriptors means.

The most important part of the Cover Sheet is the Narrative Comments section. This is a personalized set of comments authored by your child’s teacher, and can provide specific insight into areas of strength and growth. Additionally, information assuring that your child has been instructed upon and meets the Virginia standards for health are included, as well as any relevant comments pertaining to English Language Learning that may be required by APS policy.

Here is a sample of the Cover Sheet:

Standards-Based Progress Report

Progress Report

The Progress Report itself is generated from teacher entries in our Student Information System (called “Synergy”), pertaining to Skill Mastery.

If you have any questions about any information on the Progress Report, contact the teacher listed at the top of the section in question. (For email addresses, refer to the “Staff Directory” page.) For example, if you see that your child is “Developing Mastery” of a Skill, but you feel that the student “Meets the Standard” established by Virginia, that would be a question directly posed to the teacher who teaches those standards and who has daily observation of your student’s skill development. The information on the Progress Report is generated directly from teacher input, so you should contact the teacher directly whenever you have questions. If you still have questions or concerns after you have spoken to the teacher, you are welcome to contact the administration for clarification.

Here is a sample of the Progress Report:

Standards-Based Progress Report

ParentVUE Account Instructions

Standards-Based Progress Reports are accessed through ParentVUE, the family portal for the Synergy student information system used by APS.

If you are a returning Discovery family, you know that we utilize Standards-Based Assessment for reporting student progress to students and families, in addition to the many other research-based diagnostic and evaluative tools teachers use to ensure we have a genuine understanding of each individual student.

To further advance our sustainability culture, we have eliminated tens of thousands of print jobs per year by sending quarterly Standards-Based Progress Reports home electronically, using the APS Student Information System, Synergy, and its partner portal, ParentVUE.

These online-accessible reports will be PDF documents, identical to the ones you’ve received in the past if you’re a current Discovery family, just in digital form. The following information is provided by APS to help families get started with ParentVUE.

Families New To Discovery

Discovery sends home information to families at the beginning of each school year to help new users (or those who have not yet set up their ParentVUE accounts) to get new accounts set up securely.

Families Returning to Discovery Without ParentVUE Accounts

ParentVUE is managed by APS, not by Discovery. Please visit and click “I am a parent >>” then follow the instructions for activating a new account. You may need to contact APS for assistance in some circumstances. Contact information will be provided if necessary.

If your previously-provided activation key has expired, or you need a new one, please contact the Registrar at Discovery, Ms. Amores, at 703-228-2685.

Families with Existing ParentVUE Accounts

Parents logging into ParentVUE with an active ParentVUE account must reset their password (since July 4, 2018) in order to take advantage of the new features that were implemented in 2018. If Parents need to recover or change passwords, please visit

If your previously-provided activation key has expired, or you need a new one, please contact the Registrar at Discovery, Ms. Amores, at 703-228-2685.

If all else fails, you can email to directly contact the people in the Department of Information Services who manage the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Parents log into ParentVUE?

To login into ParentVUE, Parents can go to the following URL:

How can a parent activate their ParentVUE account?

A training document is available on the APS Family Access page: (See link: How do I activate my ParentVUE account?) Families will be provided activation keys during the first week of school. After this, information will be shared for families who still need assistance.

How can a parent recover their password if they have forgotten it?

You can direct parents to the training document on the APS Family Access page: (See link: How do I Recover my Password?)

How can a parent change their password?

You can direct parents to the training document on the APS Family Access page: (See link: How do I change my password?)

What if a parent forgets their username?

If you need your user name (which is usually the email address you utilized to activate your account), you can call the Discovery Main Office at 703-228-2685. Ask to speak to the Registrar, Ms. Amores.

Progress Report Access Instructions

Use your web browser, preferably Chrome, and go to (This link will open in a new tab, so you can keep these instructions open in this tab.) You should see the following. (The red marks are for the directions, and are referenced below the image.)

ParentVUE Screenshot

Step 1: If you have more than one student, select the student for which you want to download the report card using the “Select Child >” bar at the top.

Step 2: In the “Navigation” menu on the left-hand side, click on the Documents option.

Step 3: In the “Documents” window that appears in the main part of the screen, click on the link for the report card that you would like to view.

Your computer will open the document, which is a PDF file. How the PDF opens depends on how your specific device is set up.

For students enrolled in Summer School, APS progress reports will be available under “ParentVUE Year Extension” after summer school has concluded.