Discovery Elementary School is part of the Arlington Public Schools, and as such is subject to policies, procedures, and management functions that apply to all APS schools.

Policies & PIPs

Technology in all Arlington Public Schools is governed by the following School Board Policies (SBP) and Policy Implementation Procedures (PIP):


Devices in the APS program are managed by a mobile device management system, or MDM. This MDM controls the settings on each iPad, for each student. The MDM used in APS is called AirWatch↗. All device restrictions and settings are controlled centrally by the APS Department of Information Services↗.

Neither individuals nor schools can modify these settings.

Additionally, only APS-vetted apps are approved for installation on APS devices. This list of APS approved digital resources↗ is maintained by the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Content Filtering

To learn about how Internet Content is filtered by the APS Department of Information Services, as required by Federal Law, visit the Blocking Inappropriate Content page.