Tour: The Slide

A stylized icon of a curly tube slide

The Slide

Yes, there is a tube slide right in the middle of Discovery Elementary School. A school is a building that not only should be, but must be by, for, and of children. It is a place of learning, but it is a place of fun, of community, of belonging, and of joy. A school that is truly “for children” loves children wholly, including their delight!


At the top and bottom of the slide, as you can see in the picture above, erasable paint allows students to write on the white portions of the wall with any writing utensil, including a permanent marker, and it’ll wipe right off with a quick plant-based spray of our cleaner.

Because our school is built for kids, we anticipate that kids will live in it and live on it. Consequently, we select materials that make sense for a kid’s environment.

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