Virtual Tour

Welcome to Discovery Elementary School’s Virtual Tour.

While APS policy prohibits us from posting a map of the school online, for safety, we hope that these links, available in the menu, will help you get to know Discovery.

Whether you are joining us for the first time or showing off the school you love to friends and family, we’re excited to welcome you, and everyone, to Discovery Elementary School.

There are two critical things you remember as you tour this school if you are looking to replicate the successes of Discovery’s revolutionary design and philosophy, as so many guests from around the country and around the world have done since we opened in 2015:

  1. Everything you see is a 100% public, non-charter, non-private, non-subsidized, non-lottery, non-choice-based, non-special program local neighborhood elementary school, and
  2. Everything you see was accomplished for the same amount of money that would have been spent on a traditional design of the same capacity. The average cost of an elementary school for approximately 600 students, accounting for geography, at the time of construction was $40M, including all amenities. We built Discovery for $42.5M, and now have a utility operating cost less than 10% of what it costs to run an elementary school in Arlington on average.

In short, Discovery is revolutionary because it proves we can do this anywhere in America. You can learn more about Discovery’s technical specifications on our About Our Building page… but remember: This is just a view of the building. The building is the canvas, but the art is crafted by children, served by outstanding professional educators and paraprofessionals, working together in a community to enhance and expand human endeavors, both for themselves as they thrive, and for their community and the larger world.

Discovery isn’t just a place; Discovery is a powerful culture of learning and teaching.

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