Vision Team

Vision Team

Bob Timke
Instructional Lead Teacher
Vision Team Chairperson
Kim Cherry
Special Education Representative
A photo of Heather Clark
Heather Clark
Grade 2 Representative


Angelique Coulouris
Social Studies Lead Teacher
Grade 5 Representative
A photo of Jennifer dodd
Jennifer Dodd
ELA Lead Teacher, 3-5
A photo of John Duffy
John Duffy
Encore Representative


A photo of Mallary Hughes
Mallary Hughes
Kindergarten Representative
Claire Nawojchik
Counseling Representative
Keith David Reeves
Ed Tech Representative


A photo of Erin Russo
Erin Russo
Administration Representative
Grades PK-2
A photo of Julianne Scopellite
Julianne Scopellite
Grade 3 Representative
A photo of Judith Seeber
Judith Seeber
Administration Representative
Grades 3-5


A photo of Juliana Spierto
Juliana Spierto
PreK/Montessori Representative
A photo of Lynne Stein
Lynne Stein
ELA Lead Teacher, PK-2
A photo of Tammy Stoker
Tammy Stoker
Gifted Representative


A photo of Angela Torpy
Angela Torpy
Mathematics Lead Teacher
A photo of Jaime Vincent
Jaime Vincent
Science Lead Teacher
Grade 4 Representative
A photo of Leslie Wright
Leslie Wright
Grade 1 Representative


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