遊覽:陽光房 遊覽:陽光房

Located in Blue Sky Studio, the Sun Room (Conference Room 240D) overlooks the Solar Plaza, and is flooded with natural sunlight on the west side of the building.位於藍天工作室中的陽光房(會議室XNUMXD)俯瞰著太陽能廣場,並在建築物西側充滿了自然陽光。 Two displays equipped with Apple TVs allow for complex concurrent data visualizations, and whiteboards allow on-the-fly thinking and design, as the leaders of the school work together to ensure配備Apple TV的兩台顯示器可實現複雜的並發數據可視化,而白板則可進行即時的思考和設計,因為學校的領導者共同努力以確保 Discovery 始終忠於我們開國校長的首要問題:“對每個孩子最好的事情是什麼?”