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3rd Grade

June 11, 2016

Phelan Burns Teacher I am from Arlington, Virginia. An interesting fact about me is that I played four...

2nd Grade

June 11, 2016

Annie Del Conte Teacher I am from Ohio. An interesting fact about me is that I tried zorbing...


June 11, 2016

Catherine Garvey Teacher I am from Northern Virginia. A fun or interesting fact about me is that I...

Montessori & PreK

June 11, 2016

Laura Harmon Montessori Teacher Lynda Jesukiewicz PreK Special Ed Teacher Juliana Spierto Montessori Teacher   Nicol...


April 7, 2015

Claire Nawojchik School Counselor 703-228-2690 Jasmine Taylor School Psychologist 703-228-2820   Kelynne Bisbee School Counselor 703-228-2691

Administration Team

February 2, 2015

Erin Healy Principal 703-228-2686 Judith Seeber Assistant Principal 703-228-2688   Professional photography by Brenda Schrier at