Extended Day Technology

As a general rule, students are not permitted to use their 1:1 iPads at Extended Day.

This is to ensure that the devices are used for their intended instructional purpose; to minimize exclusively-recreational device use time in favor of more active alternatives; and to ensure the Extended Day program implements its co-curricular program.

There may be times at which a student has an instructional activity to work on that requires the use of the iPad. In the event that the teacher approves this instructional activity (for example, working on a long-term project), families will be asked to approve. Mr. Reeves, the Technology Coach, will contact the family directly (using the email they have on file with APS) and request their approval. This is to give families control over iPad time outside of the instructional day.

If the parent or guardian does not approve, there is no negative consequence. The student will simply continue participating in regular Extended Day activities.

If the family does approve, for a specific period of time during the Extended Day Program, the student will be permitted to work on that specific instructional activity. This will be denoted by the issuing of an “iPad Passport.” Students will be supervised in this use by Extended Day Staff.

This procedure has been communicated to all Discovery staff.

If you have any questions, please inquire with Mr. Reeves at📧.